Two Main Courses That Require Good Performance In Sciences


Science subjects include Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. They are mostly considered to be very tough, thus require seriousness. Actually in the past few years, they were mostly pursued by men , even though nowadays ladies are also shining in this area. Usually their big part entails practicals, carried out in laboratories apart from Mathematics which is the mother of all and deals with solving out problems by use of numbers. 

Here are the courses that call for good performance in these sciences

1. Medicine 

Deals with human health , in curing , preventing and diagnosing diseases that may likely weaken the immune system or cause death. The process involves taking specimens from patients, taking them to the laboratory for screening and examining, the report is given to the doctor who then uses the given diagnose to determine which kind of disease one could be suffering from. If it's too serious,then you get admitted for more check up .

Pharmacists on the other side get the doctor's information to administer the right drugs and dosage. There others in different departments like surgeons, dentists, nurses and clinical officers. 

2. Engineering

Divided into mechanics, architectural, civil, electrical, software and chemical. Work in installing electric plants, telecommunication systems, surveying building of structures like roads, bridges, railways, pipelines, airports , buildings and machine learning. Some digitalized ones are concerned with computer building technology, creating applications and programming as well as coming up with computing inventions and innovation. Need careful minds in fixing wires, metallic parts and locomotive machines.

These two are the major ones that are a must for anyone who wants to pursue them to have a minimum grade of B plus and above in all the above subjects. Commonly studied by the top candidates. Available in universities, at both degree and diploma levels.