Homabay Man Dies In A Lodging After Hours Of Merry Making, Police Suspect He Overdosed on Viagra Pills

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A sad incident has been reported last night in Homa Bay county concerning the sudden death of a young man who was in a nearby lodging. According to Citizen TV, this man booked a room with his girlfriend and they were enjoying couple moments together. It turned out that after hours of merry making, this man just collapsed and passed away something which created tension even to his own girlfriend. She immediately asked for assistance but effort to help the man regain his energy gave no fruits. It has been reported that he passed away and immediately police officers were called to transport the body to the morgue. The lady was arrested and she is currently in custody waiting for case hearing. According to police officers, they checked the deceased and found wrapping of blue pill a clear indicator that he had overdosed Viagra. A post mortem is yet to be done so that we can know what killed him.

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