Meet The Igbo Lady Who Became A World Star Months After Arriving Lagos For Greener Pastures

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Whatever is destined to be yours will surely be yours. Nothing will stop you from achieving your goals in this life, as far as you are determined and hardworking. Many people have made it to the top, and became world popular persons despite their culture, race and country of origin. This story is about a story of an Igbo lady known as Onye Lauretta who came to Lagos in search of greener pasture in 2017.

God works in a way that you won't understand how it happened, God is not human, you can't predict his ways at all. Onye Lauretta left her town in Anambra state for Lagos because she was called to join Nollywood. According to her, she said that when she came to Lagos, she couldn't join Nollywood due to some excuses they were to give her.

So, instead of her to go back to her place, she decided to stay and hustle in Lagos despite the difficulties she will face while living and hustling in Lagos. She came to Lagos to join Nollywood, but it didn't work out for her, Nollywood disappointed her, I wonder how bad she felt then. But they say whenever a door closes, another door opens, and the other door that opens might be better.

Lauretta started hawking in Lagos streets despite her height and stature, she worked hard daily. But as God does his good work, she had the opportunity to meet someone who told her that dwarfs are wanted in Brazil for the Olympics. The person that told her about the opportunity also told her that in Brazil, they are looking for dwarfs like her all over the world to contest in an Olympics in the country. She was also asked whether she's capable of doing it.

She said yes, that's how Lauretta's story changed for the better, a few weeks later, she was flown abroad to start training immediately for the competition. She does shot put, and she's represented Nigeria several times in the Olympics.

This is how Lauretta became a world star sports person. Right now, she stays abroad working, her days of suffering are over, she's now a world star. She never imagined she will travel abroad to work, God works in mysterious ways. Please like, share, and follow me up.

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