Details Emerge Of The Powerful UDA Politician Working Behind The Scenes To Mobilize Diaspora Votes

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The 2022 polls are fast approaching with political temperatures in the country rising steadily. All presidential aspirants are working around the clock in engaging citizens at grassroot level just to ensure their votes are cemented.

While most politicians are just interested in the voters within the country, details have emerged of the powerful UDA politician who is mobilizing UDA Supporters in diaspora.

Kimani Ngunjiri has been praised for his commitment to bringing on board Kenyans working abroad to vote for the Deputy President as the country's next fifth president.

" The working spirit, unwavering support and commitment that UDA emissary @kimaningunjiri has exhibited in bringing together UDA diaspora supporters is commendable. Most of these diaspora supporters hustle there to cater for the needs of their families back here at home " Engineer Richard Keino said.

This is a plus for the DP because a good number of Kenyans, who are duly registered voters stay out of the country for various reasons.

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