"I leaked The Following Information And It Ensured My Sacking As Sports Minister," Rashid Echesa


He was once the light of Western Kenya considering his appointment by President Kenyatta to head the Sports industry. He got elevated. He was loved and cherished until one day when he was dropped from the prestigious position he held by the head of state and his replacement by Amina Mohamed. What did transpire that led to his removal?

Well, yesterday night, at a popular western radio station, Nyota FM, he spilled the beans on exactly what happened.

He said, "I happened to be in one of the cabinet meetings in the country. The agenda was purely not proper. They discussed how they will do away with some of the western industries, Nzoia Sugar Company being one of them. I could not keep quiet about this, I talked and told Bungoma leaders on the planned agenda to have the company sold, in retaliation, they said it is politics and have me sacked."

According to him, they did not like the idea of truth being out there. Definitely they could not put up with him as he would never hold onto something.

Echesa says, he came to western leaders and discussed with them intensively to be on the lookout on various schemes that have been laid which would ensure the end of industries in western.

During that time of his sacking, it was alleged, he was in constant politics a character ministers should be devoid of and also disrespectful to other national leaders.

If to recall, during that time, there was war of words between him and former premier Raila concerning the Mumias Sugar Company. He accused him of participating in the fall of the industry. At one point, he was adviced not to trade altercations with Odinga in that manner, but he boldly asked, who is he to have him sacked? And surprisingly what followed was his replacement.

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