3 Things You Shouldn't Demand From A Man If You Don't Love Him

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Demanding from a man that you don't love as a lady is very wrong because you keep on sending the wrong impressions to him, as a woman below are 3 things you shouldn't demand from a man if you don't love him:

1.) Money: If you don't love a man then don't try to take advantage of him as a woman by constantly asking him for money all the time, as a man you also have to apply wisdom here because a woman that loves you would always be very cautious on how she demands and asks you for money.

2.) His Attention: If you don't love a man then you shouldn't always seek his attention at all times, as a lady it is not proper to want to constantly have a man that you don't love around giving you all his attention just so you could use him to pass away time and kill your boredom.

3.) Favors: If you know you don't love him then why do you keep on asking him for many favors, if you don't love a man then you should mind and also minimize the amount of favors that you ask from him.

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