TUT students have done it again.


TUT students are tired of staying at home, they have done it again tshwane university of technology students are pretesting for staying at home doing nothing while they are behind of their modules, they are tired of being home claiming to be on lock down but they are walking around freely doing nothing important. Tshwane University of technology is concern about the student's health care due to the COVID-19 peridynamic, this is out of their hands since well President has address the nation of the national lock down. 

The students have to wait for the minister of education Matsie Angelina Motshekga to address that it is now safe to get back to their campuses but till then they should be patient, They should understand how serious this corona virus is and it is really killing our people, 

TUT students are in pretest to go back to the campus and resume their studies, They don't care about Corona virus anymore.

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