Beautiful Media Shy Female Billionaire Who Silently Owns Largest Sportpesa Shares Locally [PHOTOS]


To become wealthy in one time is almost everyone's childhood goal and dream. However, this path has not been for the fainthearted in regards to the world statistics that there are always a few rich people as compared to the poor. Wealth is nowadays categorised in terms of assets and money unlike in the past centuries where wealth was about the number of daughters you have or animals. What has also changed away from the African Traditional Society is that women can also own property and wealth

PHOTO:Maina Wacera on the far left with other Sportpesa shareholders

This has been seconded by the latest Forbes report that Kenya has 42 billionaires and among them included women. Some female billionaires in the country are well know whereas for other, they have managed to maintain a low profile lifestyle. Among them includes Maina Wacera, am sure that only a few have heard about her. She is the wife of former Makadara MP who was impeached by court order before Mike Sonko clenched the seat through a by elections as well as Nairobi City Mayor Dickson Wathika who died in 2011.

About Dickson Wathika 's widow Wacera, she is among the top richest women in the country. She is the largest local shareholder of the famous betting company;Sportpesa. Sportpesa started off in Kenya before it soon went abroad and in Tanzania. Wacera owns 21% of the Sportpesa shares. This is despite Sportpesa stopping it's operations in Kenya. Many know Ronald Karauri by the mention of Sportpesa; Karauri though owns 4% only. The lion share of the Sportpesa company is owned by two businessmen from Bulgaria.

Source:Business Daily