You have great legs people on social media said after Pindile Gwala posted this picture

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Actress and TV personality Phindile Gwala left a lot of people on social media with a lot to say after posting a picture on social media.

People shared some complements on this picture that she posted, as they even stated that she was beautiful in this picture that she posted. However some people on social media were complementing her legs, as they were saying that she has great legs.

Clearly Phindile is a inspiration to many people, as there are surely many people who aspire to be just like her. However after posting this people Phindile Gwala also wrote something after posting this picture which caused a stir on social media. After posting this picture on social media Phindile Gwala did write that she was the wife.

Some people on social media even commented on this statement that she wrote after posting this picture.

Here are some of the comment that people on social media made after seeing this picture that Phindile Gwala posted on social media.

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