How I met a lot of famous people after Death - Sister Ayikoe's Testimony


Gracia Ayikoe Of Togo. This is the continuation of her story after she died and encountered what really happens after death.

The angels said to me that apart from Clarice, there are many musicians here, many choir singers, many pianists, many fanfarists, many Gospel singers, this is their department. I’m asking Gospel or choir singers to live in holiness and avoid fornication. Beloved, in hell humans are treated like toys by demons. They can do whatever they want with humans especially if you are a Christian.

That’s why we must go to heaven with our family at all cost. Later, we went to the department of superstars where I saw Michael Jackson. What I noticed about these stars is that they all had the mark of the beast 666 on their forehead because they were in covenant with Lucifer before they died.

They were begging that people should not listen to their songs on earth. There, I saw demons were playing football. there were 2 teams with goalkeepers, defenders, forwards. The demons were actually using a human as a ball. He was a star on earth. He was screaming in pain, "I don’t want people to listen to my music."

Among superstars undergoing that treatment was Michael Jackson. The angel said, “Gracia, look carefully.” When I looked, I saw Michael Jackson amongst these superstars. If you watch MJ’s concerts, you will notice that people were in extreme emotions and many were dying as a consequence.

The angels said that when he was alive, he entered into a covenant with the angel of death. Over here he is begging people not to sing his songs and every time people are singing his songs on earth, he is punished and tormented here. The angels said that a lot of his songs led many people to hell.

Many are in hell because of Michael Jackson’s songs. If you watched his concerts, you will notice that people are passing out as a result of emotions and many died in his concerts and went to hell. The angel said that while Michael was alive on earth, he signed a covenant with the angel of death who provided him with all the things he wanted.

This explained that every time he is on a tour, people die. These superstars entered into covenants with demons. They sold their souls to the devil. If you have their CDs, please get rid of them. Please subscribe to my page by clicking the + Follow button. Also share the post.


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