Meet The 21-Year-Old And Her Sibling Who Were Born Without Eyes.

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Afrimax covered the story of Louis a 21-Year-old and her brother Valence who were born without eyes.

Uwezimana Joseph and his wife just as any other married couples wanted to have children after getting married. However, when the wife first got pregnant, the baby died and they had to start over.

She got pregnant for two more times and they too passed away. This is when they lost hope. However, when she got pregnant for the forth time, things changed and she gave birth and the baby lived.

The doctors however noticed that the baby was born without eyes. For the mother, she was overwhelmed with joy, not because the baby was blind but because she gave birth and the baby lived after several died.

When Joseph was informed that his wife had given birth to a baby with no eyes, which was a bad news to many, he was filled with joy and they decided they will raise their daughter with love just like any other child.

When Valence came, his case was a lot worse since he was born blind, deaf and dumb but the parents learned to live with the same.

Living with them however is not easy since they can't do anything for themselves.

They also could not find it easy I'm school since there is she has to learn with normal children. However, Louis makes from through singing had she has a beautiful voice.

For her brother Valence, has could not be admitted to any school since their parents could also not afford to take them to school for the disabled.

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