Raila's Ally Among The List Of People Who Allegedly Grabbed Kitale Prison Land

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Lest we forget Raila and his running mate Martha Karua have been on the fore front to tell Kenyans how they are going to fight corruption and how they will jail corrupt Kenyans.

Although Kenyans have been asking him what he has done since the handshake,he has maintained that his crew Azimio is hollier.His close ally Noah Wekesa who was also the chair of the Azimio panel interview that was tasked to interview the running mate candidates.

Noah Wekesa is among the big names that has grabbed Kitale Prison land.According to the report individuals and firms grabbed over 2300 acres of land that belonged to Kitale Prison.

Other names on the list included Mark Too who has on several occasions been named in land grabbing scandals and former Rift Valley provincial commissioner.Kenya seed company is also a public institution that has illegally grabbed Kitale prison land and they have legal documents for the same.

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