Funny memes of what happened to me when I tried to upgrade my Jamb score


So I failed jamb for the fourth time

I became a laughing stock in my family, even my junior brother was in 200 level

But it's fail that I fail, I didn't kill so I will eat

I was shocked, I couldn't eat again

Everything has fallen apart

Upgrade my jamb score? I was so happy

But where will I see money now?

Just small money is what I will steal

I entered my Dad's room, I became a low budget Denver in money heist

Edward, I am here, everything don set

I and Edward went to the man that will upgrade my jamb score office

I was crying like somebody they stole gala from

I paid 15 thousand naira to the man

Wahala for whoever think that I won't enter into University this year

I was overwhelmed with joy

I saw terrible things

After stealing my Dad's money? Ah! double problem