5 Attractive Things Girls Love About Boys


For every girl, the type of boys they like is different. Some are attracted to guys who are physically hot while some may want to hung up with someone who is funny. However, you should know that no matter the thing that makes a lady attracted to you is, attractiveness and confidence rank high. Below are top qualities that teen girls want in a guy.

1. Confidence is the number one quality all ladies love. A guy with confidence has a high self esteem and believes in himself. This quality makes a guy attractive and ladies love being around such guys as they feel he can be counted on.

2. All ladies love guys who know how to groom properly. This includes showering regularly, wearing deodorant and also rocking in clean clothes. Ladies will also look at the hair styles and the confidence you have in your clothes.

3. Girls are attracted to guys who have a good sense of humor. Making a girl laugh can make her be attracted to you as laugheter makes you easy to relate and to approach. Laughter too hightens positive feelings making girls think highly of you.

4. If you are a guy who easy to talk to, girls will always love you. This is because ladies love to engage and communicate and if you are ever cold, you may not get the chance to associate with ladies. You need to learn good conversation skills to achieve this.

5. Respect is another important value that guys must have to attract the attention of a lady. When you respect a lady and have manners towards her, she will automatically be attracted to you.

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