Another Attempt To Derail Nelson Chamisa As New Party Is Formed Using His Slogan

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Nelson chamisa who is the leader of citizens coalition for Change has had many challenges thrown at him . It is believed that many attempts have been made to the real Nelson chamisa and his party.

A new political party has been formed just in time for the 2023 elections, however the part claims that their name is "Ngaapinde Hake Mukoma" which is the slogan used by Nelson Chamisa and CCC.

The Slogan loosely translates to "let the young man in" which is often used to campaign for Nelson Chamisa to become president, it also puts emphasis on that the Zimbabwean government needs new and young blood for innovation to take place.

It is currently not clear who the leader of this newly-formed party is, however the leader is believed to be working with zanu-pf in an attempt to desperately derail Nelson Chalisa using his slogan.

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