How to use guava to malaria fever, vagina/menstrual disorder

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This plant is a characteristic item tree, ordinarily created for its sweet natural items which can be eaten rough or made into jams, jams or sugary treats. It is extraordinarily rich wellspring of supplement C 

Clinical benefits 

Diabetes - Diabetes is one of the commonest afflictions impacting various adults today. 

It comes for the most part with its potential challenges. 

Guava is one of the plants that can be used to fix this condition. The hypoglycemic property in the leaves and normal items is used in the treatment of this condition. 

Solidness and Arthritis 

Solidness and joint torment being among the most destroying explanations behind fixed status today, can be reasonably reestablished by the use of guava passes on in mix with various flavors to make up an incredibly amazing arrangement for dealing with this condition. 


The cardiovascular structure is amazingly disposed to sicknesses of late, because of an incredible degree to current dietary affinities and lifestyles. The plant is a splendid tonic for the cardiovascular system - serving to both hinder and manage conditions like hypertension, stroke, atherosclerosis, critical levels of greasy substances, etc It moreover helps the working of the heart, thwarting cardiovascular breakdown and cardiovascular breakdown. 


Overseeing free progressives and disturbances in the body is a good strategy for hindering and treating cancers. 

Guava plant, especially the results of the dirt, is wealthy in cell fortifications and alleviating trained professionals. 

Taking everything into account, it helps the body with discarding harms and mitigates the cells. 

These cell fortifications furthermore help in supporting the safe system, and therefore imperative in the evasion and treatment of threatening developments. 


Guava leaves are great far reaching range against contamination, effectively overseeing uncommonly unmanageable minute life forms like _Staphylococcus_, _Salmonella_, _Escherichia_ and others. It has in like manner got antifungal and antiviral properties. 

It is consequently useful in the treatment of various sorts of defilements. It is incredibly fruitful against detachment of the entrails, loose bowels, typhoid, gastroenteritis, hepatitis, etc 


The leaves of guava shapes part of status of regular tea for gastrointestinal infection in Nigeria. 

It has got some anthraquinones, flavonoids, terpenoids, and seccoirridoids which has been considered to be passionate for both prophylaxis and treatment of wilderness fever. 

It's antipyretic property moreover certifies its handiness against fevers. 

Oral Care* 

Gnawing sticks created utilizing young twigs of guava is exceptionally helpful for dental prosperity. Using this will furnish you with a lot of teeth that is great and shimmering, firm, new and freed from plagues and passes on. The sensitive leaves can be nibbled for dreadful breath and depleting gum, and a decoction of the leaves can be used for sore throat, mouth wounds, laryngitis, expanded gums and toothache. 


Taking into account its expectorant property, the implantation of the leaves is particularly amazing against hacks, tracheobronchitis, asthma and other respiratory issues. It is a tonic for the respiratory structure. It has a synergistic contact with lemon grass ( _Cymbopogon citratus_) in treating hack. 

Skin Care* 

The plant's astringency, wound retouching limit, antimicrobial and disease avoidance specialist properties, outfit the skin with a huge load of benefits, for instance, answer for shivers, dermatitis, ulcers and wounds, antiallergic and relieving impacts, and the leading body of atopic dermatitis. 

Vaginal/Menstrual Disorders* 

The decoction of guava leaves is proposed for leucorrhoea, uterine channel, vaginal infection, ladylike tortures, and pitiful period. 

It is a great choice for vaginal and uterine issues where astringent fix is required. 

Its emmenagogue property helps in overhauling the movement of month to month cycle.

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