What Diamond Platinumz Wrote On His Picture With Long Time Frenemy Majizzo

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Diamond Platinumz and Majizzo who is the head of a Media company called E fm in Tanzania have had differences for white a long time. The two however were brought close by the death of their president , John Pombe Magufuli.

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Diamond Platinumz took to his social media to advise youths based in the pictures he shared. He wrote to the youth saying, the picture above are of men who cam from very humble and poor background. The pictures are to give the young boys hope.

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He adds that it should act like an live example to the words of the late John Pombe Magufuli which he said, " if you work hard and put God first,he will uplift you." He goes ahead and says that it should also teach them to love and to be always united as he is seen in the pictures with Majizzo into Mourning the late president. What do you think? Diamond Platinumz putting aside personal differences and uniting?

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