" Fighting corruption in Africa is catastrophic" Professor PLO Lumumba


Eloquent constitutional lawyer Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba who at some point served as the director of Kenya anti-corruption commission for less than one year before being dismissed unceremoniously has today mocked the deceitful ways of majority African leaders with the tendency of denouncing corruption in public but in real sense they are the chief architects of the vice.

Lumumba acknowledged his fears in the fight against corruption stating that those who show potential are denigrated properly to kill their spirits and in extreme cases lives are lost.

Lumumba's sentiments is a true reflection of how African countries operate like the mafia where glorification of evil and vilification of the noble is the norm.

During his tenure at the anti-corruption commission, he attempted to slay the elusive corruption dragon but to no avail. He left a historic record for his contribution in fighting corruption in an environment where all odds were against him.

At the time of his exit from ACC, Lumumba blatantly blamed government for its reluctance in fighting corruption despite having moral and ethical justification to use all means to fight the vice.

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