Sad News: 40-Year-Old Man Stoned To Death For Butchering His 98 Year Old Mother- Details Drop

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A 98 year old lady who is called Margaret Gyamfua has been butchered by his son and its very sad. In an interview with Oheneba Media, the 98 year old mother of Kwame Nsiah disclosed that it was by the grace of God she is alive since her own son determined to end her life due to some mental disorder he has. She added that her son just came on her and started beating her up of which she run to her room for safety.

Immediately I entered my room, he came there with a cutlass and started butchering me with the cutlass. I did nothing to him so I was surprise he was behaving that way. It was by the help of the men who had surrounded my house at that time that save my life from my son. They hold him up and took away the cutlass from him and that's when they started beating him up. They beat him up and stoned him to death since he was threatening to kill me. He has a mental disorder since we normally take him to the hospital to be taken care of. Kindly leave your comments, share and follow us for more updates. Thank you.

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