Do These Things If You Want To Give Birth To Intelligent And Gifted Children


Every parent is proud of an intelligent child. There are children who are highly gifted. If you want your child to be extremely intelligent, do these things.

Eat healthy foods during pregnancy. Your diet can influence the intelligence of the child you will bear. You can't be malnourished and expect your child to have a high intelligent quotient. When you're pregnant, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Protein products should also be consumed regularly.

Marrying an intelligent person can have a positive impact on your child's intelligence. Intelligence can be hereditary. Some parents are mentally retarded so they only give birth to mentally retarded children. So marrying an intelligent person can make your child intelligent as well. But this is not always so. Some children born to highly educated and intelligent people have low intelligent quotient. But let's consider heredity as well.

Abstain from negative habits during pregnancy. Women who smoke or drink alcohol normally give birth to children with profound mental retardation. Even if you're a drug addict, stop the habit when pregnancy is confirmed. You can continue that useless lifestyle when you give birth to the innocent child.

Treat all infections during pregnancy. Sexually transmitted infections and other ailments can affect your child's intelligence when left untreated. Seek medical attention immediately you detect any unusual symptoms in your body. Don't sit at home and do self medication.