‘Uhuru Rudisha Curfew’ Troubled Woman Now Cries Out To the President After Husband Escape From Home

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A woman in distress is pleading with his excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta to return the 5 am to 10 pm curfew so that her husband can stay at home.

In a video taken inside a car the woman is heard urging the president that her husband has left home since the curfew burn was lifted and he is no where to be seen.

She also went forward to inform that she is pregnant, a pregnancy which she blamed it on the one and a half year period that the curfew had lusted.

“Uhuru prudish curfew tafathali mabwana zetu wametutoroka baada ya kutupea mimba sasa sijui bwana yangu nitamutoa wapi sahi. ( Uhuru kindly return the curfew becuse my husband has left home after he made me pregnant I don't know where to find him though am looking for him right now)”

Below is a link to the video as retrieved from a reliable source.


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