Good Samaritan pick up an abandoned infant by the construction site

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A good Samaritan pick up an abandoned infant by the construction site, the child was abandoned in February and she was found by LV friends mother the infant was a new born when she was found.

The woman name the infant Kganya, she was found her near a construction site unconscious due to being exposed to the cold weather overnight and rain that was there on that night of February before she was found by the good Samaritan. The infant was wrapped in a blue hospital plastic cover, good news is that now she is 11 weeks old.

The good Samaritan took the child to the hospital and social workers examination then after that the woman was given the right to foster care for the baby, she is single handedly raising the baby LV says we are humbly asking for assistance for any sort of donation that would be of assistance in raising baby K, miracle child.

LV further said she is available to receive any type of donation through me I'll take them to her until we find a suitable way that will work best for both of us, the post of the child on social media is currently reaching people.

Any one will to help LV is her Twitter name you can easily contact her there to assist raise, the miracle child.

LV was granted permission to share the baby's pictures on social media, but with her eyes covered only.

The baby is growing strongly, she is in good hands baby food is currently expensive any one who is able to assist locate the woman on social Twitter specific.

If it was not for her the infant would not have made it another day out there in the cold, God protect the infant until the good Samaritan got to her.

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