"She Can't Express Herself Well In English That's Why She Was Being Dull" Fans Troll Ella


Ella of Date rush has been severely backlashed and trolled on social media for speaking bad English on the show as being suggested by some Netizens.

According to many Date rush Vewiers and admirers, the reason Ella was being dull on stage was the fact that she can't express herself well in the English Language. Some revealed that most of the pronunciation of her words were wrong. She struggled to pronounce words like "Relationship" and "Actually" in many of her sentences. Her grammar too was very poor as she kept on making numerous elementary mistakes.

Others even suggested that Sabastian would have been the perfect match for her since both are in "the same boat" as far as bad English speaking is concerned.

Below were some of the collected reactions from these social media users as they kept on trolling her for the relapses:

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