Thuli Madonsela Birthday Blunder| Mzansi Laughs Off

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Thuli Madonsela has made Mzansi Twitter have a great laugh as she made a huge birthday blunder by writing all the wrong ages on her post.

Madonsela posted a post on her birthday which read: ‘’It is with supreme gratitude that I greet the first day of my 60th decade on this beautiful planet. Thank you all of you who give purpose to my life. Thank you also for the amazing well wishers and greetings this morning.’’

Original Tweet Below

Now what Mzansi started pointing out was firstly the obvious ‘’60th decade part’’. It is impossible that she is 600 years old as 60th decade means 600 years.

Other users pointed out the conflicting ages as she said 60th decade; but she says she is 59 and then the cake is written 57 years.

Users began asking which is her real age from all the conflicting ages which are in once post. Another users said he believed the 60th decade part and that she should not have corrected it.

The post trended on Twitter. 

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