Skeem Saam Monday 17 January- Investigations start at Turf university, is it the end of Mr. Magongwa

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Lehasa is temporarily free from jail however hasn't shown his face at Cafe Rovuwa. The staff is stressed and asking why.

Kgosi is still mysteriously absent, and essentially, there are a greater number of inquiries than addresses at the present time.

Lehasa returned to track down Khwezi in the house and promptly got a visit from the police, however they were there for Khwezi. He called Leeto to talk about disposing of the investors.

Pretty at long last discussions to her mom about Khwezi subsequent to having an unnerving dream about her. Pretty was damaged by the occurrence that occurred more than whatever she is letting on. The police returned to Alfios. The arrangement with delicate is turning out to be a lot to bear, and he needed to converse with Dennis once more.

Paxton has been missing, and his uniform was viewed as discarded by Koloi; it was generally dusty. Head Thobagale is accepting this as an indication of lack of regard on Paxton's side and is mulling over releasing him from school, likely stirring up a lot of dissatisfaction for Mr Magongwa. Pax is giving his folks a run for their wellbeing as we realize that his sister passed on mercilessly, and presently his dusty uniform is found, and he is lost.

Lehasa is helped to remember his concerns when he gets the date for his preliminary.

John Maputla tells Alfios that an examination will be begun at the college and has now initiated; Alfios is totally losing it over that. He realizes that they will be trapped in serious unfortunate behavior.

Mr Kgomo and the chief can't help contradicting Paxton.

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