Beautiful Fatima finally finds her match. [photo]


Fatima has done it once more! A character most Ghanaians wanted to watch.

The Fatima had this extraordinary character many loved and allude to as "getto". Individuals felt her character was the explanation she returned home without a date.

Indeed, Am certain the majority of the folks dreaded Fatima will utilize them for free weights when they nod off. However, is that actually the situation? Or then again do we simply fault the clever host Geovani?

The fifth period of date surge finished with no date for solid fatima. In spite of the fact that she wasnt disturbed, her fans were vexed and reprimanded Geovani for making a Fatima thriller in the personalities of the men that came looking for a date.

Presently this is wonderful! Fatima has been spoted chilling and parading another bae via online media. She appear to be content and raised on her sharp hair. She shared messages that recommended she was at last taken.

The image re-posted by date surge have geovan caleb, saw fatima in a heartfelt film present - Beaming with grin and wearing her standard pineapple-like hairdo, raised. Indeed, even the hair looked inlove.

Look at image of fatima and her new bae and offer your idea. Do you think our Fatima is off the market?