Meet The Tribe in Which A man Must Drink Cow's Blood Before He is Allowed To Marry

Bodi Tribe, Ethiopia. Photo|Courtesy.

Different tribes have different ways of life. The traditional way of life differs from one community to the other. The belief of one tribe may not be the same as the other. Each community therefore does everything possible to make sure that it has retained the pride that existed since the times of the fore fathers. In this case, we meet the Bodi tribe from Ethiopia. The tribe has very unique beliefs and practices and one of them is that men should drink a certain type of blood before they are considered fit for marriage.

In the Bodi tribe that borders the Mursi in the corner of the Ethiopia's Omo valley, young men are advised to drink cow's Blood so that he can be considered fit for marriage. This means that after he has drunk the blood, he will be fat and strong. The strong and fat men from the Bodi tribe are the one considered ready to settle down with any woman. They therefore compete to get the fattest man in the tribe. Since they are farmers, the Bodi tribe rear cows and do everything they can to make sure that the cows are healthy.

Its is from these cows that they get milk to suck and other products like milk and meat. They do not kill this cows for them to drink the blood but rather make a hale that oozes blood from the veins. The hole is then closed back with clay and left to heal. The same happens in ceremonies where the cows are used to grace the occasions. One of the occasions include the 'Ka'el ceremony.' This is a ceremony done to mark the beginning of a new year.

Every clan presents a man who is not married to participate in the competition.They therefore prepare well to drink the mixture of blood from the bowls as they run around sacred trees for hours. The winner will be the one with a fat stomach since it is measured using a rope. After this ceremony, the men who participated can now be allowed to marry then in the next occasion, another group will be picked and the cycle will go on.

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