After Garba Shehu Said That Nigerians Should Forgive Dr. Isa Pantami, Read Wale Adetoni's Reply.


Many Nigerians have been pushing for the resignation of the honorable Minister of Communications and digital economy, Isa Pantami over a statement he made when he was in his twenties.

The senior special assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu has taken to his Twitter page to ask Nigerians to forgive and forget whatever the minister has said when he was younger.

Garba Shehu said that the minister who has helped to boost the GDP of the country to more than 18 percent since his appointment had become more responsible and mature now so should be forgiven on that basis.

See the screenshots of what Garba Shehu tweeted.

Wale Adetoni has asked a question to the senior special assistant to the president on Media and publicity following his series of tweets. Wale said that "we are aware of all the reports and claims about Pantami but there is nothing we can do about it".

"Garba's tweet summarizes that people like Shekau would be given the ticket for president if they come pleading tomorrow"

See the screenshot of Wale Adetoni's reply.

We all should be careful about the words we speak to make sure that we will eventually not get into trouble in the long run. At any point, we want to make an utterance we should make sure that we evaluate the impact of our words on people irrespective of who they are.

You can choose to control your speeches and save yourself a whole lot of trouble on your way up the ladder of life.

Dear readers, what do you have to say about this news general? Do you think that Dr. Isa Pantami should be forgiven for the statement he made years back?

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Credit: Twitter.