He was very athletic: Fresh pictures of Level 400 UEW Student who broke his neck out of Jubilation.


It was meant to be his last paper on campus, it was meant to be his last semester on campus, it was meant to be his last day of spending hours studying for an exam. But little did he, his family, and his friends know it would be his last day on earth as well.

He walked out of the exam hall enthused and happy that he had completed his 4 years (8) semester on campus, freedom alas.

Out of the abundance of joy, Abdul Sani Majeed geared into acrobatic mode and showcased some acrobatic moves in front of his friends. Unfortunately, Majeed's last jump didn't end well as he landed on his neck instead of his legs, resulting in a fatally serious injury in the end.

He was rushed to the Winneba Hospital and later transfered to the Korlebu Teaching Hospital.

Unfortunately, Abdul Majeed couldn't survive the accident and lost his life.

Following his death, several images of Majeed have surfaced online, and you could tell that Majeed was very athletic and was full of himself.

Our condolences to his family and loved ones.

A death of this nature is really a painful death.

MissChris newshub-gh@operanewshub.com

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