We Pay Big Money But You Burnt Our Excavators


Some small scale miners have accused the task force over the burning of their excavators. They seem to be angry with the government and the task force about how they are handling the matter.

However, the task force and the miners have been engaging in some exchange of words about how they are handling the fight for these galamsey.

Meanwhile, some miners went ahead to say that they've been giving some about to these task force to prevent them from destroying their machines and excavators anytime they visit the site for an operation.

According to the miners we pay huge somes of monies to protect our lives and properties on the site but yet still these task force guys still came to the site and burnt our excavators.

If that is the case should we continue to pay big money without getting any assurance that our excavators will be safe and not burnt after all.

We are therefore calling on the government to call these task force guys to order because they cannot take our money and treat us this way.

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