Fear grips pedestrians and passengers as trailer runs into a lorry station


Kintampo yesterday would have witnessed another tragedy but for the divine intervention the souls that could have been lost were saved. A trailer loaded with onions from Burkina Faso ran into stationed vehicles at the Kintampo-Tamale Kumasi station around mid morning causing damages to them and leaving people around in fear.

Two Sanyun mini-buses with passengers were affected but there was no casualties. According to an eye witnesses who spoke to one vision gh reporter Awudu Issa said, the trailer managed to swerve a salon car which suddenly turned, therefore heading towards the main station. As a results, the driver lost control over steering wheel and thereby veered off the road, cleared a store container and entered the lorry station in a hitting spree of stationed vehicles.

Sule Mohammed is one of the officers at the Kintampo-Tamale- Kumasi station and is calling for a rumble strips to reduce such incidence.

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