Technology: Samsung Galaxy M51 is a pioneer in terms of best battery


Paris | France's high-tech company Dxomark has announced a new score for the smartphone battery experience, which includes a wide range of common real-life smartphones, including social media, communications and multimedia applications.

The Samsung Galaxy M51 has emerged as the top-ranked device for its overall performance. After lasting 80 hours in average usage, the Vaiko U30 is at the top of the Autonomy (Autonomy) ranking.

The company announced in a statement that OPPO's Find X3 range has topped the ranking table for charging, with the ability for users to charge ultra-zero to 80 percent battery fast. At the same time, Apple's iPhone 12 Pro Max has outperformed in terms of efficiency.

DxOmark is known for consumer electronics devices such as cameras, audio and display quality tests and scores.

In the most recent set of battery scores by the company, 17 phones from all price segments were tested.

Battery Evaluation Director Olivier Simon said that battery performance is important for consumers, but they have negligible information to understand which device will fit their needs.

Battery performance depends on a combination of factors, including the choice of hardware components and power management software optimization.

"With the use of our score focused on end-users, we want to guide consumers in their purchasing decisions," Simon said in a statement.