How to Fix Incom­ing Call Not Show­ing on Screen (Android)


Thanks to the evolution of the internet and smartphones, we now use our phones for a variety of things other than calls such as chatting, taking pictures, browsing the internet, and much more. At rare occasions when our phone rings, we are reminded of its actual usage.

But what if even in those rare moments, your phone decides to ditch you. The phone is so accustomed to not getting calls that when it receives one, the screen doesn’t wake up on an incoming call. That is, even though the phone rings, the incoming calls are not shown on the screen. One needs to open the notification panel to view or take action on the calls.

If you are also facing a similar issue, don’t worry. You just need to tweak a few settings, and everything is going to be alright. Let’s check out what you need to do to fix the issue of call screen not visible for incoming calls.


Before tinkering with any setting, let’s try the supreme solution of all. Restart your phone and see if the problem is solved.


Even though the notifications for incoming calls are enabled by default on every phone, sometimes a third-party app, or an update changes the setting. Usually, one cannot even change the setting as it is grayed out. However, you will be able to change it if an app or update caused to change it.

To check and change the settings, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings on your phone and go to Apps/Application Manager.

Step 2: Look for your default Phone app. Tap on it. Tap on Notifications (on Android Pie devices) and App notifications (Oreo).

Step 3: Tap on Incoming calls. Make sure Show notification toggle is enabled. Then tap on Behavior. If the behavior shows ‘Show silently and minimize,’ you have found your culprit. Change it to ‘Make Sound and pop up on Screen.’

If it’s already set to that, change it to some other option to reset the setting. Then again select ‘Make Sound and pop up on Screen.’


Another simple solution that you should try is clearing the cache for the Phone app. Don’t worry as doing that won’t delete your data. If clearing cache doesn’t help, delete data for the app. Kindly note, clearing data will clear your call history and reset the Phone app settings.

To clear cache and data, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Apps/Application Manager under Settings.

Step 2: Tap on the Phone app followed by Storage.

Step 3: Tap on Clear cache first. Restart your device and see if the issue is gone. If it’s still there, tap on Clear data/storage depending on the option available on your phone.


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