Family in Tears As Daughter Disappears After Smearing Human Waste on Neighbor's Bananas


A family in Murubari, Kirinyaga county have called out for help after their daughter aged 8 years disappeared mysteriously. The story has left many people with unanswered questions on why the child could just leave her home.

According to her mother, Evelyn Muthoni, her daughter disappeared one month ago after she was accused of smearing neighbor's bananas with human waste. The neighbor is said to be a small business person who operates a nearby stall where she sells fruits and vegetables.

After that shocking incident, the girl left and up to now she has never returned. However, her mother alleges that the neighbor could be knowing the whereabouts of her child because it is not the first time they are getting into conflict. Muthoni says that sometimes back they almost fought after the husband to the neighbor insulted her children and she thinks that this could be the reason behind her daughter's disappearance.

Area residents have come out to ask for a quick action from the government to establish the whereabouts of the 8-year-old girl. The area OCPD have confirmed that investigations are underway to find the missing Junior. Watch video.

In the recent days, cases of children missing mysteriously have been on the rise and government need to enhance good security systems.

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