If Your Phone has Insufficient Space Go To Settings And Do These Things


Phone lag and hanging are among the most common problems faced by almost every mobile phone user and are mainly caused by low storage or low RAM capacity. This leads to users buying memory cards to try and get rid of the problem hence using extra money.

Today, we suggest a few useful tips on how to increase your phone storage without deleting some important data on your phone hence countering the lag and hanging problem. Sometimes when the phone is low on storage, it is not always because of the files, photos, videos, or apps on the phone but because of the junk (cache) which are not part of your files. No data is lost when the junks are deleted.How To Fix LAG On Android Phone [Speed Up GAMES x2] [Fix Freezing] Make  Android Faster EASY - YouTube

So, if you have a lot of Junks on your Phone, here is what you should do to clear them.

Firstly Approach

1. Go to Settings

2. Go to storage in settings

3. Click the ROM or internal storage part and you should be able to remove junk files in your phone.

4. If you have the Phone master or clean master app, use it to clean your junk. It calculates the total junk files and you just click clear.

Second Approach

1. Go to your phone's menu

2. Long press on numerous most-used apps

3. Select app details or info

4. Click on the storage

5. Click on clear cache

After doing this, your phone's storage will be added and hence reduce lags.

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