Millicent Mashile looks good for a 2-months postpartum mother along with her daughter, Kganya

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Millicent Mashile is a South African actress, voice over artist, content creator and radio presenter. She was raised by grandparents together with her twin sister, Innocent Sadiki after their mother's passing at the age of 4 years.

Millicent Mashile is a married woman, she is kind, generous and a mother of three children, the adorable Kganya Mashile being her youngest child.

Milicent is a hard worker exploring her talents especially being behind the camera and with her out of the world cuteness, she makes everything a sucess. She is known for being a presenter for gospel show, Alpha youth working hand-in-hand with her twin sister.

Millicent welcomed her adorable bundle of joy, Kganya Mashile. Her name means "God's light". Kganya was born 25 Novemver 2021 weighing 2.89 kg. Millicent shared a glimpse of her daughter's cute nursery on instagram with animated wall with a picture of a giraffe and wall personalized with Kganya's name in blue letters. She gave credit to Bespoke Baby South Africa for making all possible.

Today on her youtube channel, she shared her experiences with Kganya as tomorrow she will be two (2) months postpartum.

She laid her experience as follows: in the first month, Kganya got sick and they had to go back to hospital; anxiety as she was so scared and careful that Kganya does not get sick; lack of sleep as her daughter would wake up every two (2) hours , which means no for the mother too; painful breastfeeding and c-section scar.

She further expressed that getting the right nanny has been a challenge and the constant feeling of being in the house is also difficult for her. She also thanked her family for suport as well as her siste for helping with Kganya so she can get some rest and sleep sometimes.

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