Four Old Bollywood Movies Loved By Many Nigerians

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 The Bollywood movie industry is known for producing interesting movies, and during the past years they have been entertaining us with their interesting movies and others. They are currently one of the best movie industries producing the highest totality of movies in the world movie industry.

 During the past years, we've got addicted to their mode of acting, and today I will be bringing to you four Bollywood movies that caught the attention of many Nigerians back then:

1:3 Idiots

 Product in 2009, the movie is one of a kind as it teachers different lessons. This was a coming-of-age comedy drama that made waves when it released for it's offbeat and unconventional theme.

2:Mother India

 Our beloved daddies and mummies must have seen "Mother India", a movie produced in 1957. This epic drama focuses on an impoverished woman who is forced to care for her two sons alone while surviving threats from a nefarious money-lender when her husband leaves the family in disgrace. The movie was one of the most expensive back then.


 Sholay visualises the travail of a policeman to have all the kingpins in the town arrested. The movie was also renown back then, and it caught the attention of most of its audience. It was produced in 1975.


 This might be your best, and I'm sure you might have been anticipating this on the list. The movie "Mard" was produced in 1985, and the second highest grossing movie during the period. Have you seen Mard? Who is your favourite character in the movie? 

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