Blow To Donald Trump In Election Petition As His Lawyer Is Forced To Leave The Team Due To Covid-19

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United States of America president Donald Trump has been fighting Biden's win through court battles. He is still filling petitions claiming that election was rigged in favour of Biden and Harris. He has lost several of his petitions due to lack of evidence to back his allegations. Well, reports from America indicated that Trump's lead Attorney has contracted covid-19 forcing him to abandon case. This is a blow to Trump since Rudy has been vocal in courts defending Trump. We wish him quick recovery as he battles the virus.

"Rudy Giuliani has tested positive for the covid-19 president Trump says. The president's personal attorney has traveled extensively to battleground states in recent weeks in a failing effort to help Trump subvert the election results." Posted The Associated press.

Here are some reactions.

"Just think, he was sitting next to Jenna Ellis and Melissa Carone & they weren't wearing masks. I normally don't wish ill on anyone; but they deserve what's coming to them. We've been dealing with this virus since March & it's December & they still don't listen?" Posted Ken.

"I have to seriously believe it's their excuse for their 'way out' of the legal fight..they have nothing left to challenge with only a week left. Think about the coincidental timing around other administration cases" posted John.

"This is all nail in the coffin for Trump campaign. Now Rudy won’t be able to utilize his superior litigation skills to argue at SCOTUS before the SAFE Harbor deadline. Guess it’s left to the fired traffic lawyer." Posted Max.

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