Gary Neville honestly reveals who is far better between Alexander Arnold and Reece James

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The English premier league is gifted with a lot of wonderful talent and some of the best right backs in the world. Chelsea and Liverpool are particularly gifted with two if the very best in Trent Alexander Arnold and Reece James.

Gary Neville has stated that Liverpool's Alexander Arnold is far better on the ball than his Chelsea rival Reece James.

Both the blues and Liverpool are blessed with two of the best full backs in the world but overall, Neville feels Alexander Arnold edges it.

For england international duties, the Liverpool and Chelsea duo have not cemented their spots in Gareth Southgate's side as they would have really wanted.

That area of the field that has crazy talents, the Three lions are blessed in for not just years to come but for decades.

Nonetheless Gary Neville was asked to pick between Alexander Arnold and Reece James, he issued this response on the English duo,

"Trent or Reece, that's an interesting one by the way".

Gary Neville went on to say that," Trent is far better on on the ball, he's better than everyone on the ball, he's better than most midfield players and fullbacks to be fair."

Neville thinks that Reece James injury free for a couple of seasons would be better than Trent as an all round player so he needs to be fit.

Trent Alexander Arnold is good defensively and that has been evident over the last few weeks as he has focused more on getting the ball.

The two are good but according to Neville, Trent Alexander Arnold edges it but Reece has the ability to overtake him.

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