Meet Mzansi's overlooked Power couple (see pics)

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People are often saying that a successful man has a powerful lady behind him who encourages him to achieve the best that he can at what he does to bring food to the table for his family.

Pitso Mosimane is a person who has a great deal of success. Because of the many remarkable achievements he has accomplished over the course of his life, his name is well-known in every region of the globe.

His wife and the mother of his children, Moira Mosimane, is the one in charge of everything in the household. In addition to her role as a soccer agent, she supervises the coaching career of her husband as well as the careers of local players in the Professional Soccer League (PSL).

Pitso Mosimane and his wife have been busy donating items to PSL clubs on behalf of Pitso Mosimane, while Mosimane's wife has been donating items on behalf of Pitso Mosimane.

They are undeniably one of the most underrated power couples in South Africa due to how well they collaborate together and accomplish whatever they set out to do. Pitso Mosimane's fame is continuously on the rise, and he just celebrated exceeding 500,000 followers across all of his social media platforms.

Mosimane is currently playing with Al Ahly in Egypt, which is the highlight of his professional career. He has already accomplished everything that can be accomplished in Egyptian football, including winning the CAF Champions League twice, giving him a total of three championships in his career.

People have a lot to gain by observing how well these two can collaborate in order to retain all of the money in the family.

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