Liverpool Boss Jurgen Klopp Speaks Out After Their 5 Nil Win Over Manchester United

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Liverpool Boss Jurgen Kloop Speaks Out After Their 5 Nill Win Over Manchester United.

After their 5 nill win over Manchester United, the Liverpool Boss Jurgen Kloop was interviewed by the Sky Sports where he gave out his views on the historical win at the Old Trafford over Manchester United and from the interview, he kept everything low and out of celebrations.

In his post match interview to Sky Sports, Jurgen Kloop stated that, and I quote him "It is an insane result. It is special but we don't celebrate like crazy, we have respect for the opponents. At the half time, I told the players, 'we've to play better'."

This win by Liverpool was a very huge win and it caught everyone around the world talking and some celebrating the win by Liverpool.

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