Jub Jub apologised to Amanda Du-Pont for ‘raping’ her — reports

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Amanda Du-Pont's criminal case statement claim Jub Jub allegedly admitted to raping her.

Entertainer Amanda Du-Pont supposedly guaranteed performer and media character Molemo "Jub Jub" Maarohanye has recently confessed to assaulting her and requested absolution.

Sowetan detailed they had seen Amanda's crook case proclamation submitted to the Brixton police headquarters where she opened an assault body of evidence against the Uyajola 99 host on February 10.

Amanda claims in the proclamation that Jub Jub reached her through an arbiter after he was set free from prison for punishable manslaughter in 2017. They later met and this when the artist purportedly gave his statement of regret.

"I met with him [Maarohanye], and inquired as to whether he knew or recognized he had assaulted me. He said OK. I asked him for what good reason he assaulted me and everything he could say was that he was grieved," expressed DuPont said in her articulation.

Police representative Mavela Masondo let TshisaLIVE know that however he could affirm an assault case was opened on February 10, he was not at freedom to examine the matter or offer the speculate's subtleties as the matter was being explored.

"There is an assault case opened on February 10 and it' is being scrutinized. No captures have been made up until this point," he said.

In December 2021, following Jub Jub's remarks about his relationship with Amanda during a meeting with MacG on Podcast and Chill, the entertainer uncovered in a 17-minute long video that Jub purportedly assaulted her on numerous occasions for quite some time while they were together.

"I was assaulted and genuinely mishandled by Jub Jub. The main thing I fouled up was stay silent," Amanda inscribed the post.

Jub Jub later put out an open acknowledgment on his Instagram page yet denied assaulting Amanda.

"In the repercussions of the arrival of my meeting with Mac G, I have invested in some opportunity to rewatch the meeting and consider my words, explicitly my trade with Mac G in regards to Ms Amanda Du-Pont.

"It was improper for me to examine the personal subtleties of my relationship with Ms Du-Pont openly. I profoundly lament the occurrence. I wish to apologize wholeheartedly to Amanda for the embarrassment and hurt I caused her," he composed.

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