According To Controversial Prophet Ajagurajah, All Humans Have This Power Within Us (Watch)


In his most recent video, controversial brock nation president Odifuor Kwabena Asiamah declared that he does not agree with preachers who claim that huge buttocks do not matter nowadays. According to him, a woman's huge buttocks are quite essential since they attract a lot of men and make them forget about their lives. In addition to the many other nicknames he already has, he introduced himself with a new one, Banku hene. Below are what he said in his recent teachings on Facebook;

"If you're here, please share this video with others to let them know that the chop bar pastor has arrived." Good evening to everyone who is here at this particular hour. As usual, I'll tell you about things you've never heard of before. I'm here today to talk to you about telekinesis, which is the ability to move objects with your mind without touching them. Our creator bestowed a great skill on each and every person on this planet. Some people are endowed with a wide range of abilities. Everyone has a soul and a spirit; have you noticed how, even when you're alone, objects in your room change positions?"

"You can leave your cloth on the bed and go to work, but when you arrive home, you may be perplexed as to how the fabric you left on the bed ended up hanging in the wardrobe." God has placed something powerful within us, and all we have to do now is learn to use it. Many people suffer with telekinesis on their blind side. When some people are really agitated, things begin to break and fall around them. These are all telekinetic abilities. This is not the same as sorcery or a magical act."

"Our intelligence is the most powerful thing we have as humans, yet we can only use 30 percent of it." The power of the brain is that if you can unlock all of your brain's abilities, you may be able to levitate in the air. Many magicians have found their telekinesis abilities and profited handsomely as a result. If you can effectively meditate, believe me when I say that you can utilize your mental power to move objects."

"Although Albert Einstein was not an angel, he was able to create an atomic bomb to end World War II because he found his telekinesis skill. Because of the infinite possibilities of the brain, the white race has created magnificent enterprises. Nothing is impossible in our world. If you don't attempt, it will only be impossible for you. Why not chase your aspirations and tell yourself you can achieve it if you can chase a lady for 5 years without letting up till you win her heart? It's not too late to tell yourself that you can do it."

"Motivate yourself to believe that you can achieve your goals. I told myself I was going to be famous for my cooking pot, and I succeeded. Why are you so concerned that you won't be able to complete it? You can even summon an angel to appear before you if you are determined enough. Although you are extremely powerful, negative ideas and negativity have hampered countless people throughout their lives. What you think about your life becomes a part of you, so be careful what you think and decide."

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