The Richest Man In Western Kenya?


Meet the famous Ibrahim Ambwere born in 1963 in Chavakali to a deaf mother and a soldier father who left to fight in the country's army in second World war when he was four years old and never return home.The life situation forced him to seek employment at Molo pyrethrum .In 1961he met an Asian mason called Singh who employed him as a sweeper for 10 years.

Later Am were decided to move back to Chavakali with his Ksh 38 in savings and opened a carpentry shop. In 1963 Kaimosi Referal Hospital awarded him a contract to make beds but paid him an ambulance which he converted to a van to be used for transport of timber and furniture.

In early 1980s Ibrahim Ambwere was ready to settle striking teachers salaries amounting to Ksh 48 millions .This made the government of Kenya to panick man from rural area could raise that amount from his pocket.

He invested in his home town Chavakali with a two storey building named Ambwere Plaza,Kisumu,Kakamega and kitale.