Someone is missing from the picture. Here is what happened to her.

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A lot of things could really happen to someone's life within a short period of time. A friend took it to social media to share her seemingly beautiful academic journey with her other friends whom she probably met in academics. The photos of their graduation are really beautiful and encouraging, however people noticed something strange on them.

The first frame contained a group of six friends (4 girls and 2 boys) while on the second frame where they are graduating it was reduced to 5 of them. The pictures raised questions because they were captioned "How it started vs How it’s going."

People asked about the whereabouts of the missing lady from the picture. The missing lady would have made it a complete academic journey for the friends. Now the focus was moved from congratulating the friends for their achievements onto asking questions about their absent friend.

"You all are missing one friend of yours. What happened to her? Hope they are also going to finish their studies too." Questions were asked. The friends had to come back and clarify the complications on their pictures and it turned out that it was not a big issue.

Fortunately their friend is still doing good and apparently excelling in her studies as they claim that she is doing her MBA. "Our friend in purple is busy getting her MD+MBA so she’s graduating next year," they responded.

At least it is not a bad thing after all. It started as a nice looking sitcom about medical students and ended as an even better looking sitcom about doctors. It is really cool and encouraging to see people making those kind of relationships.

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