Just in| Kylian Mbappe has agreed to sign new deals with these teams.

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World class PSG star, Kylian Mbappe is the most wanted player and it seems as though he is going to make the final decision of which team he wants to play for. Kylian Mbappe's mother, Fayza Lamari, has revealed that her son reached an agreement with both PSG and Real Madrid, and must now make the final decision over which club he will play for next season.

'Now we have found an agreement with both Real Madrid and PSG and the discussions are over because it is Kylian who has to choose now', she said in a briefing.

'The two offers, that of PSG and Real, are almost identical. At Real, my son will have control of his image rights! We will now await his decision.

'In the Real Madrid offer we have full power of image rights, on the other hand there is an economic balance that rewards this thing, in short there is no difference between the two are similar.'


The only reason why this decision might be taking so much time is because PSG has put in the money to back their plea for Mbappe to stay. He has to think about his family and their wellbeing. Additionally, if Mbappe agreed to sign a deal with Real Madrid, then he would earn way less than what he was offered by PSG.

Is staying at PSG a good career move for Mbappe?


Many people would say that it is a good career move because he will be the most payed player in the world but in my opinion, staying at PSG is somewhat a waste of his talent. Besides winning French titles, Mbappe has not won any other major club trophy. The French league is a very good and competitive league but it does not make it to the top 3 list of toughest leagues in Europe.

What is your take on this issue? Should Mbappe stay at PSG or go to Real?

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