#MinaNaweHouse| Sthembile feels unwanted after Sakhile calls her atchaar for the second time

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In a relationship, you must not feel neglected and unwanted. It is where your happiness must lie. If there is no respect, staying will not change the situation, but make it worse. If your partner loves you, he will never do anything to hurt you. He will always want to see you happy, not sad, because of how he treats you. Relationships that don't have peace will drain you emotionally and physically. The only way is to move on.

On MinaNaweHouuse, Sthembile has been suffering from a relationship in which she is not seen as anything. She might have thought that it would be better by then, but it keeps getting worse. Sakhile sees her as an atchaar, because everyone could have her like atchaar. He keeps saying that every week. He is very disrespectful. You can see that Sthembile is not happy in this relationship. She is not seen as anything just because she is older than Sakhile.

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