Mzansi is anxiously waiting to hear what the Medium term budget speech is going to be about.

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Mzansi is anxiously waiting to hear what the Medium term Budget speech is going to be about late today by Minister Enoch Godongwana.

It's that time of the year again when the minister of finance gets to deliver the budget speech .

The budget speech gives a report on the functionality of a country 's economy and it's participants . It also outlines government expenditure and service delivery and the other production incentives to boost the economy and keep the nation going strong .

This budget speech in particular is very much vital for there is a lot of issues affecting the country 's economy that must be tackled such as unemployment , the covid-19 grant , the infrastructure of our metros after the intensive looting that took place earlier this year , loadshedding and it's effect on business and the economy too and many more key issues that require solutions inorder for the economy to start getting restructured .

Things are not looking good for the young nation of a democracy of only twenty seven years , South Africa with the pandemic still crippling the economy as it did when it began in 2020 and the scary high rate of unemployment especially amongst the economically active population.

It's going to be very interesting to see how the government plans to tackle unemployment and to strengthen the economy after a lot of issues bulldozed the economy of this nation to it's knees , many people lost jobs during the lootings and vandalism of retail shops . It's a chance for the finance minister together with his team to come up with a solid strategy of demolition to the economy of South Africa .

I suggest we all listen attentively at 2pm today when the medium term budget speech gets delivered inorder to know what's next for the economy of our country.

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