6 Ways To Tell If Your Partner Is Overprotective

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They try to cut you off from your friends

They get angry when you hang out with friends since they want to be the focal point of your entire life. They don’t understand that you have a life away from them and they try to isolate you from your friends especially those of the opposite sex. Moreover, they might also make you feel guilty for leaving them alone and choosing to go out with your friends instead. They make you feel like an inconsiderate partner who doesn’t care as much as you should about your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Expressing their deep love very early

A controlling person will profess their deep love early on instead of waiting to see where the relationship is going. They will also push you to make the same declaration of commitment. They will probably flatter you by saying how you make their life so much better and force you to try and feel the same. Remember that this is their effort to tie you down from the beginning so they know that you are in an exclusive and devoted relationship.

Always blaming you for their negative feelings and actions

In a relationship, when you have a misunderstanding or when you fight, they get angry very easily and they blame you for their feelings. Instead of saying “I feel angry,” they will say “You make me so angry.” This kind of person will masterfully twist things around so he or she is never to be blame, assuming that you are the evil person who always diminishes them. Even if they make a mistake outside of your relationship, they will find someone else to blame for their misbehavior.

They always check your phone and your location

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that your personal space is gone, it’s only natural that your partner will want to know where you are and who you’re with, but not if it becomes an obsession. It is very important to understand that, nobody has the right to check your phone whenever they want without your permission. Some partners will also go as far as installing a tracking app on your phone so they know where you are at all times.

Having unreasonable expectations of you

Overprotective partners might demand that you spend all your free time with them or that you look a specific way. They might also expect you to not have friends of the opposite gender or for you to side with them in every disagreement with your mutual friends. But actually, these are not things that they will necessarily share with you from the start, but they will fight with you about them later on. Do not forget that you are not there to satisfy your partner’s every void, but only to add to their happiness.

They tell you what you can and can’t wear

This kind of people will not understand that you don’t dress for the crowds, but for yourself only. Controlling what you wear shows that they are unreasonably jealous of you and insecure about your relationship. They don’t want people around you to look at you and that’s why they prefer having you dressed more conservatively. The moment you start thinking about whether your clothing will be approved by your partner, it is certain that you are in an oppressive relationship.

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