SO WICKED: A Soldier Canes A Young Boy With Thorns. Angry Mother Threatens To Rain Curses On Him.


A news from Mankata in the Central Region of the Assin South Constituency indicates the unfortunate incidence where a soldier punished a boy with a cane with thorns and meted out other physical abuse to his siblings.

According to reports, a number of forest guards who were six in number including a soldier had an information that there was an illegal activities by some chainsaw operators in the Mankata Forest and had gone to arrest them.However, on their way they met a seventeen (17) year old boy identified as Forgive Alormenu together with his siblings. The guards immediately accused them of been informants to the operators for them to escape of which they denied.

Nonetheless, the guards were not convinced and forced the children to tell the truth. They replied that I they had gone to look for some foodstuffs and had not met any of the operators. Out of nowhere, the soldier gave a hot slap to Forgive Alormenu the Eldest of them and assaulted them physically. He ended up plucking a cane full of thorns and lashed Forgive.

When the community people heard this they were silenced by the warning shots from the soldier saying he will shoot them should any of them come closer.

Forgive’s uncle managed to take out the thorns that got into the skin of his nephew. The mother of the assaulted siblings has called on Nana Kwabena Yeboah, the Assin South District of the Forestry Commission Officer to take action if not they would pronounce curses on the soldier.


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